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iOS 10 - Universal clipboard (2)
Recovering from Data Loss (2)
Forgotten Master Passwords (1)
Changing master password on multiple devices (5)
Desktop Sync via WIFI (4)
Updating to the Latest Version ( 2 ) (23)
Background Sync (4)
Upgrading from STRIP to Codebook on OS X (1)
Upgrading Codebook 2 to Codebook 3 (1)
Icons Missing from Desktop and iPhone/iPad (4)
Data Missing After iOS or iPhone/iPad Upgrade/Restore (1)
Getting Started with Sync (8)
Can a strip app be disabled or removed from a remote device? (2)
Migration from iOS to Android (2)
Sharing a Local Sync Folder on OS X (1)
Types of Data that can be Stored in STRIP (5)
Try Before Buy? (4)
Creating Templates (3)
Key for other user (9)
Third party software libraries used in STRIP (6)
STRIP APK on Blackberry? (13)
Can you run 2 Databases on 1 PC (11)
Sorting the field names (12)
Troubleshooting WiFi Sync (3)
Importing Data from CSV and other Sources (4)
Platform Availability and Minimum OS Requirements (5)
Changes on New iOS Device Not Being Synced (1)
After encryption (2)
Font Display Preferences (3)
Exporting STRIP for Palm OS Databases (1)