Codebook for Windows 3.0.16 Released

Hi folks,

We have just released Codebook for Windows 3.0.16. This patch release includes support for utilizing Secret Agent with Microsoft Edge! Also, we have included an improvement to our auto update facility to utilize SSL public key pinning for enhanced security.

If you are having trouble updating or have any questions please get in touch with us at

Can you give more information as to the support for utilizing Secret Agent with Microsoft Edge?

Hello @lwetzel

Previously, Secret Agent was unable to insert values directly into Microsoft Edge. As a temporary workaround we had suggested users utilize the copy/paste feature from the Secret Agent field list when utilizing Microsoft Edge until the issue could be addressed. With the 3.0.16 release, Codebook for Windows is able to directly insert selected values from Secret Agent into Microsoft Edge.

Ever since the upgrade, I am unable to sync with my iPhone. I have 3.2.1 (502) on my phone and on Windows 10, but my iPhone app can no longer find my desktop computer program. On my Windows version, I did download the Desktop WiFi synchronization support, and it is set under Preferences to Sync with Desktop WiFi. But, when I look for it on my local network, I can no longer find it. In fact, on the app, I get just “Browse Network” option for Computer, and there is nothing to Browse.

Where did it go, and how can I get it back and sync?

Hello @calliopestrip

I’m sorry to hear about the behavior you are experiencing with the latest release. There were no changes to the WiFi synchronization in this release. Would you mind trying our troubleshooting WiFi synchronization post to see if that can help resolve the issue? Thanks!