Font Display Preferences


Can you provide a custom font setting?

We don’t currently provide for a variety of display fonts for use in STRIP, though we try to take advantage of screen space to make it easy for you to read your information by default. We hope to improve this in the future and welcome your ideas!

We do provide for one alternate display font on entry record view in STRIP for iOS and STRIP for Android. Both apps supports an alternate, fixed-width display font for field values, DejaVuSansMono. You can enable this for all fields in the Settings view under Preferences, and you can toggle any field to be displayed in this fixed-width font by tapping on the field and selecting Toggle Font from the action menu that appears.


I also would like to see custom settings for font and icon sizes. The sizes used in the Windows interface make inefficient use of screen real estate and give the app a toy-like appearance.


The new design is nice on I phone but terrible on Windows, everything is too big and bring serious navigation and visibility issues especially when you have lot of record.
Please, solve this issues quickly, custom settings for font and icon sizes look a good solution.