Is SQLCipher compatible with the SQLite.Net PCL package?


I tried the new component in Xamarin store and seems that it is not compatible with the Xamarin.iOS dll. Below is a compiler error I get when I use it
/MTOUCH: Error MT0034: Cannot include both ‘monotouch.dll’ and ‘Xamarin.iOS.dll’ in the same Xamarin.iOS project - ‘Xamarin.iOS.dll’ is referenced explicitly, while ‘monotouch.dll’ is referenced by ‘Mono.Data.Sqlcipher, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’. (MT0034) (TycoIS.FieldOps.iOS)


Hello @krudraiah

Have you converted your Xamarin application to use the new unified 64 bit support? If not, Xamarin has provided instructions on the process here.


Hello @developernotes,

I do not see any update on the SQLCipher release for Xamarin.Forms. Do we have any update?
Any example of using SQLCipher with Xamarin.Forms would be helpful.


Hello @hemantksh

Xamarin.Forms is a separate package that is not maintained by Zetetic. SQLCipher for Xamarin iOS and SQLCipher for Xamarin Android can be used in conjunction with Xamarin.Forms, however we do not provide an example specific to that.


Thank you @developernotes for your quick response. Yes, I am able to add the paid SQLCipher.Android and .iOS components to my Android and iOS projects respectively within my solution. I configured my BL and models in a shared project - it works.

However, I wanted to have my BL and models as a PCL project so that I can use it from the Forms UI project. Is this possible?


Hi @developernotes,
I finally got it working with Xamarin Forms using Dependency Service.