Passwords and Other Fields Masked on Display


Password masking is a feature that temporarily hides your more sensitive data fields from on-lookers. You can easily reveal the hidden data:

  • On iOS, you can tap on a masked field to reveal the contents
  • On Android, you can press and hold to bring up a menu to reveal the field
  • On Windows and Mac, you can right-click on the masked values to get an option to show them

Changing which labels default to masked


  • Visit File menu -> Database Information
  • Switch to the Customize Labels Tab
  • Set the Masked Column to “Yes” or “No” as appropriate


  • Visit File menu -> Customize Labels
  • Set the Masked checkbox as appropriate

Android, iPad and iPhone

  • Tap on the Settings tab
  • Choose Customize Labels
  • Tap the Label you want to change
  • Set the Masked option as appropriate