Problem SQLCipher 4 in B4A (Android)


Coding in B4A and using the latest version of SQLCipher and also use Spatialite. There seems to be a problem with this combination. The Spatialite database is not encrypted, but the main database is encrypted. I connect to the encrypted database first and then connect to the Spatialite database. When I connect to the Spatialite database I get this error:

'java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: No implementation found for void jsqlite.Database.internal_init() (tried Java_jsqlite_Database_internal_1init and Java_jsqlite_Database_internal_1init__)

There is no problem if I use the old SQLCipher 3.

I posted this problem to the B4A forum:

But unfortunately, no reply.
Any idea what could be the problem here?