SQL cipher not work on Android 4.4


SQl Cipher not work on android 4.4 version. I think, Issue for accessing Assets folder of code SQLiteDatabase.loadLibs(ourContext.getApplicationContext());

Please help me to solve this issue


Hello @rameshchavan

What error message and stack trace do you receive? Are you running this on a device or emulator running 4.4? Does your application work on other versions of Android that are SQLCipher? Thanks!


I have sqlcipher running just fine on Android 4.4.4 in my app.


This seems to likely be the same issue that I have. After finding this thread I found an older Android 4.1.1 device and tried my demo app and it did not crash. So my problems too seem to be present is also specific to Android version 4.4. to be more precise 4.4.2. on Samsung Galaxy S4.