SQLCipher API used


Somebody know what’s APIs are being used internally on SQLcipher?, i have performance issues with an implementation when use an older vs newer cellphone

the older cellphone have better performance

@Torobert it depends on the platform. What platform are you using, and what phones?

thanks sjlombardo, we are using Zebra TC55 with android 4.4 and Zebra TC56 with android 6,7 and 8

Hi @Torobert

If you haven’t had an opportunity to review our general SQLCipher Performance Optimization yet I would suggest starting there to better evaluate the performance in the context of your application usage.

@Torobert - in addition to general performance tuning items, it would be worthwhile to try disabling the memory security and wiping feature with this pragma: PRAGMA cipher_memory_security = OFF;. There have been a couple reports of performance disparities between certain device / operating system combinations. Try that to rule it out first.

thank all, we use the performance tuning items, PRAGMA cipher_memory_security = OFF functions very well, but the principal problem is just with TC56, because if we test the same app with any cellphone with android 6,7 and 8 we don’t see the performance issues, we contacted the supplier but they need more information about sqlcipher api

Hello @Torobert. SQLCipher for Android uses OpenSSL as the cryptographic provider.