SQLConnection could not open or create a database file outside the sandbox in a UWP application even if access is allowed

In a UWP application, there are two ways to allow the app to access files outside the sandbox/ApplicationData. It’s by using broadFileSystemAccess and FutureAccessList.

I added a path in the future access list where user can select a folder outside the sandbox to allow the app to access it. I was able to create/remove/modify files on that folder. But for some reason the SQLiteConnection can’t load or create a database on that path. The same goes for broadFileSystemAccess.

Is there a way for the SQLCipher to load/create database outside the sandbox?

Hi @lancecontreras thanks for your interest in SQLCipher. SQLCipher is using the native file system access APIs, and I don’t think that broadFileSystemAccess and FutureAccessList apply when using those APIs. Can you share a bit about what you are trying to do outside of the sandbox? I know that other users of SQLite / SQLCipher on Windows UWP have accommodated certain workarounds, e.g. by copying a template database into the ApplicationData folder where it can be manipulated, or copying a database to a shared location after it is created. Would this be an option for you?