Strip agent shortcuts stopped working


I’m on the latest version of windows 8.1

Used to work fine, now even with Strip active (open or closed), the shortcuts stopped working.
I’m still on the same keyboard layout and pressing leftShift+leftCtrl+\

Maybe something else is now hijacking this, OR, maybe the agent is not running anymore? What is the process name for the agent? Is there anything else I should be looking out for?

Thank you,


Hello @pieterdb

I’m sorry to hear about the behavior you are seeing. The process itself is named Strip.exe, you can check for the running application either by looking for the small STRIP icon within your systray, or by viewing a list of currently running processes on your machine. If STRIP for Windows is running, you could see if adjusting the default hot key for secret agent changes the behavior, to isolate the possibility of another process conflicting with the key binding. You can adjust the key binding within the File → Preferences window. Could you try that and let us know your results? Thanks!