STRIP crashing when copying and pasting


When copying and pasting a template as OK previously STRIP now crashes every time ??
Upon restarting the copy has been made
What to do ?


Hello @bobo

I’m sorry to hear about the behavior you are seeing. What version of STRIP are you using? What is the version of your operating system as well?


If this is in regards to STRIP for OS X, we have a fix for this coming soon, in version 2.5.3.


I have this problem as well. It makes it very difficult to use templates. When will the new version of STRIP come out?


Sorry for the delay, @Newton991, but it’s on the way, we have to resubmit it for approval, hopefully we’ll have it up soon and we’ll update this post when we do. In the meantime, the independent (non-Mac App Store) build of STRIP that we sell ourselves is ready to roll. If you already use that we can send you the update; if you are a Mac App Store customer we’d need to generate a new license for you—either way get in touch at and we’ll take care of that.