STRIP hangs on startup OS X 10.10.3


To clarify,

I click on the app to open, it seems to open up, but no category is available, nor is the login. It seems to hang, with nothing happening. I have access to the menu items, but not Pref’s and no option to enter master password.


Hi @polrobin, sorry for the trouble!

This sounds like a common problem with the Mac App Store on Macs: an update comes out for an app, it installs the update for you, you go to launch the app, and it doesn’t launch at all or launches in a dysfunctional state.

Usually the fix for this is to delete the app itself and reinstall the latest version from the App Store app on your Mac (this will leave your data in place):

  1. If STRIP is running on your Mac, Quit the app (Force Quit if unresponsive)
  2. Go to the Applications folder and drag STRIP into the Trash
  3. Empty the Trash
  4. Launch the App Store app on your Mac
  5. Click on Purchased
  6. You should see STRIP listed there, click the Install button next to it

Could you let us know if that helps?



I’ve done thx, twice.