Sync Strip to OneDrive


Any remote possibility of considering syncing with OneDrive in the near or distant future?


Hello @lwetzel

At the moment we do not have plans to add any additional 3rd party synchronization systems. We have plans to add our own synchronization service which will allow for a much expanded feature set directly within STRIP based on various feature requests we’ve received previously. Unfortunately I can not discuss release dates at this time.


@lwetzel Definitely interested in hearing why you would prefer to have OneDrive as a sync method over the other alternatives already available in STRIP (I can probably guess, but I tend to think it’s better if I don’t.) Thanks for your input!


Well they just made OneDrive unlimited and I would like to move everything there. I am a Windows user and this would fit in better for me. What was your thoughts on it?


@lwetzel, I don’t have any thoughts on OneDrive myself, I’m a Mac guy, but it looks like a nice service. Certainly, something bundled with the OS can be a lot easier on our customers than a third party service that requires installation of additional software, account maintenance, etc.



I have discovered if I tell make a directory (I used Zetetic) under OneDrive. Tell STRIP to sync to a local drive and choose the Zetetic under OneDrive. This will allow syncing on all my machines and since they all can reach OneDrive they all can Sync. Works. So I really don’t need Strip to do anything else.


@lwetzel Hi Lew, that’s very clever, I wish I’d thought to suggest it, thanks for posting that for us!


Now that you mention it. The one thing wrong with my method is that my iPhone still has to sync to Dropbox. Not sure if I can get it to sync to WiFi although it should. I just tried it and it is being refused. Been a while since I tried that so not sure what to do to get it to sync with my desktop. If I can do that then surely I can sync to OneDrive that way.

Lew Wetzel


Well I just did a desktop sync from iPhone. Then reverted to doing local drive sync so I could sync to OneDrive. Now everything can be in sync. Kind of an effort but it can be done.

Lew Wetzel


+1 for OneDrive

Why? Cuz is the de facto Standard for Windows-Users as it comes with centralized password sync, free mail, free Office online plus and other goodies. Plus when you are using Office365 you get a lot of band for your buck, including OneDrive.

My DropBox is only left for STRIP sync. And thats, no offense, annoying. No other use for it anymore. Plus the dropbox client is an extra handbrake on the PC.


Hello @Peter_McBride

Thanks for the additional feedback, we will keep it in mind for future releases. Please note that new versions of STRIP for Windows no longer require the Dropbox client to be installed, we have full Dropbox API integration. If you have not upgraded recently, you may wish to do so. Thanks!


Nice take with the API - and I have been wondering about the new authentication with (one of the) new version(s). But I still COULD get rid of Dropbox altogether, if not for STRIP. Oh well, a small headache.