Transferring backup from STRIP to Codebook

Hello out there, hopefully someone can answer a couple questions for me…

Im currently on STRIP v2.2 on iOS 8.4 (iPhone 5) and just saw the update to Codebook v3.1.

Does anybody know if the password data will transfer over to Codebook seemlessly if I upgrade the app? Will I have to restore using the data sync’ed to my Google Drive? Is the v2.2 db compatible with v3.1?

Regards, Ron

Hi @ronster

The password data should transfer to Codebook 3.0.1 seamlessly when you upgrade. We recommend taking a backup for you database prior to upgrading just in case, but it sounds like you already have.


Thanks. I checked and the backup is on my Google drive.

I will upgrade the app and hopefully it will work.

Thanks again, Ron