Using STRIP with Other Applications


STRIP does not currently plug in to any other applications such as your web browser, although we are currently working on various efforts to make it so you can securely and easily access your STRIP data from other apps. It does, however, support URL launching behavior, which can be used to launch other apps that support URL schemes. We have a demonstrative article on our blog showing how to use this technique to launch an SSH connection in another application from STRIP.

On Windows and OS X

Double-clicking on URL type fields (such as the default Website that ships with STRIP) will launch the URL in your web browser (or the corresponding app for the URL scheme, e.g. s would launch your favorite SFTP app).

On iOS and Android

Strip will automatically launch the following field types for you:

  • Email addresses (launches Mail)
  • Phone numbers (launches Phone)
  • URL addresses (launches Safari or the registered app for the URL scheme)

What this means is that when you are viewing an entry with an e-mail address or a phone number, you can tap the row with the number or address and you will be prompted to leave Strip and launch the other app.

If you’d like to launch a custom application that supports a particular URL protocol (e.g. launching a terminal app for SSH connections), do the following:

  1. Tap the Edit button on an Entry
  2. Tap the “Add new field” label at the bottom of the fields table
  3. Select URL/Website
  4. Enter the URL; for TouchTerm it could look like: