Building sqlcipher, configure script --host values?

I’m manually building a static library of Sqlcipher 4.5.0 with Openssl 3.0.1 for macOs and IOS so that I can use the resulting libraries with kotlin native cinterop (no Xcode). As part of this it would be nice to know what the valid values are in the sqlite “configure” script for --host and the --build option for cross compiles. I can’t seem to find this documented anywhere. Anyone know what these values are? The openssl Configure script has a nice list option for the various architectures it supports, but no such luck with the Sqlite configure script.

All the example docs I can find skip this and use Xcode for the build. I want to avoid using Xcode when using the Kotlin multiplatform (cinterop) stuff.

Building the amalgamation works without specifying --host or --build on macOs, and the manual cross-compiler build of that amalgamation file for the ios simulator also builds fine. But the cross compiler build for ios 64 bit Arm gets errors unless I manually add “-arch arm64” to the clang command line. I’m wondering if this would still be necessary if I was using the configure script with --host or --build correctly for ios builds.

Thanks in advance for any info.