Codebook for iOS 4.4.3 - Improved iPad Support

Greetings, friends! At the very end of 2021 we started working on some big improvements to using Codebook on the iPad, and they’re all packed into this update, version 4.4.3, available now in the App Store.

Changes in this Version:

  • NEW: Adds support for multitasking and split screen on iPad!
  • Adds new support for hardware keyboard navigation on iPad
  • Adds new keyboard shortcuts on iPad including cmd+L to Lock Codebook and cmd+F to Search Codebook (hold down the command key to view all available keyboard commands)
  • Adds new support for dragging field values and attachments out of Codebook into other applications in iPad multitasking
  • Updates crash reporting alert to be less alarming and send device model name and iOS version when selecting to send report
  • Persists pending edits when selecting an already selected tab bar tab
  • Persists pending edits when selecting a new side navigation item on iPad
  • Fixes save button not working when editing a Category and not making any changes
  • Fixes attachment thumbnails improperly shrinking in size
  • Speeds up scrolling to search result when searching within an Entry Note
  • Fixes crash that occurred during Integrity Check when recovering orphaned Fields in version 4.4.2
  • New look for the Release Notes view
  • Fixes bug that caused Codebook to prompt the user to enable notifications on first login when the user has already declined during setup