Codebook for macOS 3.1.6 Released


We have a maintenance update out today for the macOS version of Codebook that makes the following changes:

  • Fixes Secret Agent bug on macOS Sierra 10.12.2 improperly adjusting case of characters on insert
  • Fixes persistence of Secret Agent preference in user defaults

Download: Mac App Store

If your purchased Codebook (or STRIP) in the Mac App Store:

  • Visit this link on your Mac
  • Click the “View in the Mac App Store” button
  • It will launch the App Store app and display the Codebook page
  • Click the Install or Update button below the Codebook icon
  • When installation completes click the Open button, or launch Codebook from Applications or Spotlight

Download: Direct from Zetetic

If you purchased Codebook directly from Zetetic (outside the Mac App Store):

  • Download the update
  • If Codebook is still running, quit the app
  • Unzip the file, drag Codebook to your Mac’s Applications folder
  • If prompted whether to replace the existing version, choose Replace
  • Launch Codebook from Applications or Spotlight


If you are having trouble updating or have any questions please get in touch with us at, or create a new post here on Discuss.


Thank you: it must show now 3.1.6 on the imac and 1.1.13 (489) in the iPhone ?


Hi @franzmeier

The most recent updates are:

Codebook for Mac: 3.1.6 (419)
Codebook for iPhone: 3.1.14 (492)

We just released an update to Codebook for iPhone earlier this week (Tuesday I believe). So I think you’re one version behind there.



Stupid me- where do I trigger the update for the iphone?


Stupid me- where do I trigger the update on iphone codebook?

Mit meinen besten Grüssen,
With my very best wishes for you

Franz Meier
by iPhone


Hi @franzmeier

No problem at all! You should be able to trigger the iPhone Codebook update by going to the App store, tap the “Updates” tab and you should see the Codebook update with an “Update” button next to it. Alternatively you can find it by searching the App Store for Codebook and again there should be an “Update” button next to it.

You can also set Auto-update if you’d like, so that future updates for all your apps will be downloaded automatically. This setting is in Settings App → iTunes & App Store → Turn on the “Updates” switch.

Let me know if you’re able to download the update alright.



Thanks, it works fine; it’s very simple if you know it and don’t forget it.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Thank you and the whole zetetic crew for their products and outstanding support.


Thank you: it works fine.

Problem after upgrade to macOS 10.12.2


Excellent. Glad to hear you’re all set. Thank you for the kind words.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!