Codebook for Windows Search Issues


Using Codebook for Windows on a Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 machine. STRIP functioned pretty much flawlessly. Since this update to Codebook, the search function has become a bit wonky. For instance, searching for, say, CapitalOne, I’ll type to capi, and the result will come up, then disappear. Continuing with more characters avails nothing. It does this on every search.

I’ve run an integrity check on the database with no change in performace. Database is 1524KB, 20 categories, 543 entries, 1674 fields. The database is ages old, having been migrated version to version since the first release of STRIP for the Palm PIlot back in the days of yore. I currently sync with Codebook for ios.

Not sure whatever pertinent info I can provide… Would like this resolved as, when I’m on the phone to some customer service robot scrambling for some password info, the added time required to overcome the disappearing search results can be problematic…


Hello @pbabcock

Thank you for providing feedback with regard to Codebook for Windows. Does the behavior change depending on the speed in which you type your search term? We will look into this issue locally. Thanks!

It doesn’t seem to be affected by typing speed…

As an FYI: this behavior appears to have been corrected in

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Hello @pbabcock

Thank you for getting back to us, we are glad to hear the search behavior is working properly for you again!