Codebook for Windows 4.3.2 Released

Hi folks,

We have just released Codebook for Windows 4.3.2, a patch release that includes the following changes:

  • Update: improve keyboard and interface responsiveness in Secret Agent interface
  • Update: improve alphanumeric substitution warning in the password generator
  • Fix: password generator error on invalid input
  • Fix: correct interface layout clipping on Sync Key setup affected by certain screen resolutions

Codebook for Windows should notify you of the update automatically, or you may manually check from the Help → Check for Update menu item. Please let us know if you have any questions or issues, either here, or via email at Thanks!

For me BitDefender blocks the download of the installer claiming it’s infected with

Hello @dieter

Thank you for the update, that is concerning. I just submitted our installer to Virus Total and received this analysis, which includes BitDefender all showing no viruses found. Would you mind downloading a new copy here and trying your scan again? Thanks!

Yes, that download worked fine.

Hi @dieter

Great, glad to hear that worked well. Thanks again for letting us know!