Codebook License Key

How do I find my license key so I can have it on my laptop

Does anybody know where I can find my license key so I can have it on my laptop too

Hi @Jake

Thank you for using Codebook and reaching out. I’ll be happy to help.

Each platform of Codebook is a separate purchase and licensed/purchased separately,

I tried searching in our records for a purchase under the email address associated with your discuss account here, but wasn’t able to locate a license. Did you purchase a Codebook license directly from us? Could you have purchase through the Mac App store?

If you purchased through the Mac App Store, your license is associated with your Apple ID account, so you should be able to launch the Mac App Store on your device, search for Codebook and download it again without cost (and your installation will be validated based on your Mac App Store receipt).

If you didn’t purchase through the Mac App store, could you have purchased using a different email address? If so, please write us at and let us know what email address you could have used and/or your last name and we can try to find your license. Thanks!