Decrypting an existing SQL Cipher Database in C# .NET



I have an SQL CIPHER encrypted db. All i want to do is remove the password from the encrypted db programtically in .NET . i tried using change password method and passed empty string it didint work but threw an exception.

The steps i took to decrypt was:

  1. Establish the connection to encrypted db with the password.
  2. When i use ChangePassword method of Sqlite and pass empty string its throwing an exception.

The code I wrote was

SQLiteConnection conn = new SQLiteConnection(“Data Source=database.db”);
conn.changePassword(""); or conn.changePassword(String.Empty);

This will throw the exception details mentioned below.

Exception :
threw an exception of type 'System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteException’
base: {“SQL logic error or missing database\r\nnot an error”}
ErrorCode: 1
ResultCode: Error

So how should i remove the password from the db programtically ?



To export a plain text version of a SQLCipher encrypted database, you would need to use the sqlcipher_export convenience function, in your case, example # 2 is the scenario you will want to apply.


Does it mean decryption grammatically in .net is not supported?


Set password is useful because it calls native method of key().
But sqlcipher can only decrypt database which encrypted by sqlcipher.


You could find out the sqlite.dll, and replace it by another sqlite3.dll which generated by sqlcipher.
Than, use command.ExecuteNoQuery() to execute SQL : sqlcipher_export and other necessary SQL.
You could search: how to encrypt a existed dB using sqlcipher.