Direct support for Android Room


I was wondering if you would consider adding direct support for Android Room to the Android SQLCipher library. By this I mean the inclusion into the net.sqlcipher.database package a set of classes that implement the shim layer (androidx.sqlite.db.SupportSQLiteDatabase, androidx.sqlite.db.SupportSQLiteOpenHelper.Factory, etc.) that Room relies on.

I am aware of SafeRoom and appreciate the effort put forth by Commonsguy. Still, I think it would be beneficial to fold this functionality into the official Zetetic offering as it would allow people who want to use Room with encryption to adopt SQLCipher without further increasing their dependency exposure.

Thank you for your consideration!

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Hi @zpapp

We are in discussions with @commonsguy to add support for the Support-based interfaces found in androidx.sqlite directly to SQLCipher for Android. This will become available in a future release, however we cannot comment on a date at this time. For the time being, we would recommend utilizing SafeRoom for that need. Thanks!

Sounds great, thanks!