Enabling write-ahead logging and using BEGIN IMMEDIATE with SQLCipher on Android


Current sqlcipher library for android platform doesn’t support enableWriteAheadLogging() function.
Please help me use that function in android sqlcipher app.
I wanna build sqlcipher library with newer android java code supporting enableWriteAheadLogging() function.


Hi @petar_vasilev

SQLCipher for Android supports WAL mode, you can invoke this via the rawExecSQL function on your SQLiteConnection:

connection.rawExecSQL("PRAGMA journal_mode=WAL;");


Thanks for your message.
But I can not implement all functions with raw query execution.
So I just need to build sqlcipher library supporting enableWriteAheadLogging() function.
Please help me.


Hello @petar_vasilev

If your organization is interested in licensing a custom build of SQLCipher for Android, please feel free to reach out to us at support@zetetic.net. Thanks!

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