Error: /lib64/ version `CXXABI_1.3.9' not found

I’m using “” with node js on linux centos 7, but getting compilation error : “Error: /lib64/ version `CXXABI_1.3.9’ not found (required by /home/avista-dev/server/source/node_modules/@journeyapps/sqlcipher/lib/binding/node-v72-linux-x64/node_sqlite3.node)”

I don’t have any option to upgrade my Linux centos 7 or GCC.
current versions:
GCC 4.8.5
Linux centos 7 (core)
highest version of CXABI is 1.3.7

Hello @fraaz_alam - Sorry to hear about the trouble. Unfortunately that is a third-party package, and thus we do not support it. I would suggest contacting the author of that npm package, perhaps through their GitHub Issues page.