Error: no such table: topics



I try to do this:

	180 String query = String.format("select title,id from topics;");
	181 Cursor c = db.rawQuery(query, null);

The DB exist, and the table “topics” exist!
And I get this crash in line 181:

	Caused by: net.sqlcipher.database.SQLiteException: no such table: topics: , while compiling: select title,id from topics;

In some smartphones I do not get an error, and some I do get an error!
What the problem?


Hello @naory159,

Is this an issue you can reproduce? Can you pull the database file off of the device when you receive this error message to allow for further evaluation?


The DB files do not change during running the application (The DB files are books).
I have access to all encrypted files.
And all have the above table.

I did not encounter this problem, but other users encountered the problem.
I tried myself to create the problem but it seems that everything is fine!

The error occurred smartphones which are (maybe this information will help):
Galaxy Note II (t03g)
Galaxy Tab4 8.0 (milletlteatt)
Galaxy Note2 (t0ltespr)
Galaxy S (GT-I9000)
Galaxy S3 (m3)
Nexus 4 (mako)
Droid MAXX (obake-maxx)
OnePlus One (A0001)
LG G2 (g2)


Hi @naory159

I have not seen that issue before. If you find out any additional information regarding the scenario we would love to know about it. Being able to recreate it within the SQLCipher for Android test suite would be preferred.


OK! I wiil try.

What version of sqlchiper most stable to use in android (maybe this is the problem? Today I use version “SQLCipher for Android v2.2.2”)?


Hello @naory159,

The current version of SQLCipher for Android is the 3.2.0 build which is available here. Please keep in mind if you are upgrading from databases that were using the 2.x library, you will need to upgrade existing databases. More information can be found here.


Thank you!

I updated to version 3.2.
I noticed that this version weighs much more.

Are there any files that are disposable and not put them in the app?
But I want you to be fully compatible with all smartphones


Hello @naory159

The only option would be to customize the size of the ICU localization dat file. More information can be found here at the bottom of the page, however adjustments like this may impact your application.