Getting updates about just Codebook via rss


Hello - we’re using Flowdock as our chat solution in house, and it has the useful feature of being able to pull into a chat room (“flow” in their language):

  • rss feeds
  • twitter tweets from a user or search
  • other integrations like Github pushes or PRs

… and so on. We are capturing your blog rss and twitter feed. We would like to capture posts about updates.

If you could post about Codebook software updates in a separate Discourse subforum, we could get an rss feed for just the updates, and catch just those in our chat app.

You have:

I suggest adding:

Its feed would be then available at:

It’s a small change that will allow a precise integration. I hope you’ll consider it!


Hi @rickcogley

That’s a great idea - I’ve just added the updates topic for Codebook and moved our most recent posts there: