How does it sql cypher works?

Dear team,

I don’t see adequate documentation which narrates cipher sql workability, So i am coming here to put up this question. what i have understood until now is that Cipher sql encrypts db and decrypts db using passphrase key during its start and end of application.

I wanted understand how does this things work in real time, my main question is, Is db encryption happens instantly on every DB write operation ? I recently heard from my colleague that Cipher SQL does it’s operation of encrypt and decrypt on every database operation , is that true?

If encryption and decryption is happening during db operation, obviously it creates performance degradation in android devices, i don’t think it will work in this way. i wanted understand from you that how encryption and decryption things are processed with cipher sql.

If you could share any related links to read about cipher sql would bring much more confidence for further go.

Hello @chethan_HB - here is an article that provides details on the SQLCipher design:

Let us know if you have any specific questions.