How to retrieve the OpenSSL version in use by SQLCipher?

In DB Browser for SQLite, we have a request to add version info for SQLCipher + the OpenSSL it’s using:

Retrieving the SQLCipher version is pretty simple, but we’re not seeing how to retrieve the OpenSSL version SQLCipher is using. Is there a way? :smile:

If there isn’t, does it make sense to add something to SQLCipher (next versions) so applications can get this info?

Btw - If we’re thinking about this wrongly, please let us know. :wink:

Hello @justinclift

It would certainly be possible to expose this information through a PRAGMA ←→ crypto provider, however it may need to be provided at configuration time, depending on which crypto provider is used. For the OpenSSL crypto provider we could likely just query SSLeay_version(…). We also have common crypto and libtomcrypt to consider.

Cool. Sounds good to me. :smile:

Ping! Is there any chance this could be implemented for the next release? :slightly_smiling:

Hi @justinclift

We will take a look at including that in the next release.