How to secure prefilled database after coping to sandbox in


Hi All,

I am working on Xamarin.Forms app within that I have integrated Sql Cipher on platform dependent . Now I want to secure my prefilled db . using following code

public void EncrptSqliteDb(string source, string destination, string password)

		SqliteConnection connection = new SqliteConnection (string.Format("Data Source={0}", source));
		using (var cmd = connection.CreateCommand())
			cmd.CommandText = string.Format("ATTACH DATABASE '{0}' AS encrypted KEY '{1}'", destination, password);

			cmd.CommandText = "SELECT sqlcipher_export('encrypted')";

			cmd.CommandText = "DETACH DATABASE encrypted";

		connection.Close ();


Hello @DnyaneshwarPM

You will need to execute each command before you reset the CommandText. Could you give that a try?