iOS - SQLCipher subquery predicate not working in EncryptedStore


I am having an existing coredata ios project which has lot of subquery predicate. I want to encrypt my sqlLite file. While implementing sqlchipher via EncryptedStore I am facing “Unsupported expression type 4 .” for subquery predicate from the the below method

- (void)parseExpression:(NSExpression *)expression
        inPredicate:(NSComparisonPredicate *)predicate
     inFetchRequest:(NSFetchRequest *)request
           operator:(NSDictionary *)operator
            operand:(id *)operand
           bindings:(id *)bindings {....}

Please suggest how to resolve this issue or any alternative solution


Hi @Ravy_Technologies, we don’t maintain the Encrypted Core Data project, but it appears to be actively maintained on GitHub. You might wish to check if this feature is supported and if there are any other issues there like yours. If the feature is supported maybe they can help you find out what’s gone wrong. I’m sorry that I don’t have any further insight for you, best of luck!


Hello @Ravy_Technologies - I mentioned this in response to your post on StackOverflow, but in case you didn’t see it there, and to keep the thread consolidated, I’ll add a comment here too. If you take a look at this issue on GitHub, it indicates that subquery predicates are not supported by the Encrypted Core Data project: