OneTime - what happened to it

Hello - what ever happened to OneTime? The link from Github to its page on your website does not work.

Hi @rickcogley - Unfortunately, we’ve made the difficult decision to discontinue the sale of OneTime for Yubikey. This was ultimately the result of several factors: limited adoption, new device compatibility issues, and technical impediments resulting from the Mac OS X security architecture. While the software works really well for many people, it just wasn’t viable for us to continue development, distribution, and support commercially. I’ve updated the GitHub readme to reflect this fact, thanks so much for letting us know about the issue.

Haha, ok, it did not seem like a huge seller, but, it was useful. I got a new laptop and forgot to reinstall. When I remembered, I noticed it had gone away.


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Hello @rickcogley - I’ve just resent your order fulfillment, this should allow you to download the last released version, so you can continue to use it on your new laptop.

Thank you. I’ll try it. :slight_smile: