Out of memory when use sqlcipher error throw

hi i am trying to use sqlcipher to encrypt the db while ater link the static libarary ibsqlcipher.a, when do the encrypt it have some problem.
try to use the static library libsqlcipher.a in runestone
1: when open the MACRO SQLITE_HAS_CODEC for encrypt for test
the above two cmd run ok, and create a db, but the db not encrypt.
and then do the cmd to create table while there is something wrong when call the API
sqlite3_step --> in this step return error code value 7 (out of memory)

Hi @gkmbw

Can you try ruling out SQLCipher by compiling without SQLITE_HAS_CODEC and seeing if the behavior still exists? You would not be invoking the keying API either, but I would be curious if you still experience the out of memory condition.