PRAGMA cipher_migrate problem

PRAGMA cipher_migrate fails for Android Pie only. I see that the return value is 1 (inspected via cursor.getSTring(0), but I don’t know how to get additional information as to why the error is occurring.

How can I do that? Is the only way to run the pragma from the CLI using the community command line shell?

Hello @Matt_Dupree

I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue with migration. A couple of follow-up questions:

  • What version of SQLCipher was used to create the database you are attempting to migrate?
  • Did you use any non-default runtime settings when creating the database you are attempting to migrate?

You can also run the same pragma cipher_migrate using the command line shell.

Appreciate the response. Turns out the migration was failing because we had updated our target Android SDK version. We figured out why and have implemented a work around. :slight_smile:

Hi @Matt_Dupree - thanks for getting back to us to let us know this is resolved. Could you explain a bit more how the target SDK change impacted the migration? It would be good to know the details in case anyone runs into this in the future. Thanks!

Our situation was pretty unique. We were using Build.SERIAL as a part of the key to access the database and the behavior of Build.SERIAL changed when we updated the target SDK version