Problem to encrypt existing SQLite database

I need to encrypt existing SQLite database with trial license key but I got the error.
Followed this steps:
(1) sqlite> sqlcipher plaintext.sqlite

(2) sqlite>ATTACH DATABASE ‘encrypted.sqlite’ AS encrypted KEY ‘PRAGMA cipher_license’;

(3) sqlite> SELECT sqlcipher_export(‘encrypted’);
=> It will not create ‘encrypted.sqlite’ database.

Hi @Paras_Santoki

I have removed your image since it contains your trial license code. The license code is not used for the encryption key, rather it just allows the encryption portion of the library to work. If you are looking to encrypt a plaintext SQLite database from the command line, you would want to perform the following:

./sqlcipher plaintext.sqlite
PRAGMA cipher_license = 'YourLicenseCode';
ATTACH DATABASE 'encrypted.sqlite' as encrypted KEY 'YourPassword';
SELECT sqlcipher_export('encrypted');

Then to access the encrypted database:

./sqlcipher encrypted.sqlite
PRAGMA key = 'YourPassword';
SELECT * FROM sqlite_schema;

Would you give that a try when you have an opportunity and let us know your results?

Thank you @developernotes encryption is working fine.