Set your database engine to sqlcipher.backend in Django


Hi, I am trying to use Sqlcipher in Django. I already added sqlcipher in INSTALLED_APPS . Now, I am having problem to set database engine to sqlcipher.backend . Previously it was,

‘ENGINE’: ‘django.db.backends.sqlite3’

I changed it to,

‘ENGINE’: ‘sqlcipher.backend’

Error is showing,

Error was: No module named backend.base

Probably, I am missing something. Please help me out. Thanks.


Hi @cyberpy

Have you installed SQLCipher, and/or included it on your PYTHON_PATH? We do not maintain the Django integration for SQLCipher, you might consider reaching out to the developer of the package here.


Yes, I completed all the exact steps mentioned there. Also, created in issue in github. I hope, developer will help me out. Thanks.