SQLCipher 3.2.0 Release

The latest release of SQLCipher, version 3.2.0 which is based on the stable upstream release of SQLite 3.8.6 is now available. With this release, we would like to highlight a few specific changes that were introduced. First, a new PRAGMA, cipher_store_pass which allows for the source passphrase to be stored in RAM, even after key derivation. Typically the source passphrase is zeroed from memory once a key is computed. Now, if PRAGMA cipher_store_pass is set, operations such as an ATTACH database command will used the passphrase stored in memory, thus the requirement to provide a KEY value are not needed unless a different value is required for the key. Note, PRAGMA cipher_store_pass is disabled by default and the memory is locked when supported on the given platform to prevent the memory from being paged into a swap file. When PRAGMA cipher_store_pass is enabled, the stored passphrase is wiped when the database is closed.

In this release we are happy to announce commercial support of SQLCipher on Windows Phone 8.1. Finally, we have included a fix to the Common Crypto provider in which key derivation was occurring twice, this should reduce the first operation requiring KDF by 50%. SQLCipher for Android has been validaed on Android platforms 2.1 through Android L preview. Commercial builds for all supported platforms are available immediately. We are aware of the forthcoming SQLite 3.8.7 release, which promises to be up to 50% faster. We are planning to incorporate 3.8.7 in a follow-up release once it has been released and stabilized. We look forward to hearing your feedback with the latest release, please get in contact!

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Any idea when the 3.8.7 update will be out? SQLite is up to now. Would love to get the performance enhancements.



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Ditto! That goes the same for me too! :slight_smile:

We don’t have an exact date for the next release yet, but we’ll likely start merging soon since 3.8.7 appears to be stabilizing. Keep an eye out for updates!

Hi, do we have a rough timeframe when this is going to be released? It’s been a while now! Thanks!

Hello @RogerM - thanks for following up. Since the last update on this thread there were 2 more intermediate releases to SQLite upstream. There were many changes in 3.8.7, so we want to make sure things are stable before the integration process. We don’t have an exact timeline yet, but we’re going to evaluate again after the New Year Holiday.

Of note, if you’re using SQLCipher in an important commercial product and have an urgent need for updates, we do provide specialized support services, including custom builds, SLAs, etc which could accelerate a build for your required platforms. If you’re interested please feel free to get in touch at support@zetetic.net.

Thanks, and Happy New Year!

Hi sjlombardo,
I’m working on a Windows Phone 8.1 project in Visual Studio2015 CTP and I see the latest SQLite from SDK Extensions is version Is there a SQLcipher release that I can try that is compatible with my environment (something newer than SQLCipher 3.2.0 perhaps?). This would help me greatly at the moment.

Thanks! -JeffH

hi @sjlombarbo . can any one please tell me where will I find the sqlcipher libararies and give me step ny step integration in windows phone 8.1

Hello @vikrant

SQLCipher for Windows Phone is a commercial product. If you are a commercial license holder, please contact us at support@zetetic.net and we can help you out. If not, licenses can be purchased here.

Are the sqlCipher sources free.Can they be used in windows phone 8.1 project in WPF(native application) @developernotes

Are the sqlCipher sources free.

The free version of sqlcipher sources is at:

You may use it under its license which is BSD-style.

Can they be used in windows phone 8.1 project in WPF(native application)

I am not personally familiar with WPF. I was able to use the sources
in a Windows/Windows Phone 8.1 Javascript application and support this
in my Cordova plugin. But you will not get support from the sqlcipher
project since they do not offer the Windows version for free. Please
do not ask again.

Also your questions demonstrate a lack of basic research and
preparation. While I do think the documentation could be improved,
people are expected to show some effort to read through the basics and
search for more information about anything that they do not understand
before asking questions.

I will try to give you some pointers in case they will help. I am also
posting these in case they will help others who may be searching for

You know that sqlcipher is an adaptation of sqlite that can store
your data with encryption. I suspect you know that sqlite is available
at www.sqlite.org and is available for free under the public domain,
as described here: SQLite Copyright

I suspect you know that sqlite is very widely used, and it is very
easy to find tutorials and other documentation on the Internet. If you
are not familiar with sqlite, I suggest you look for a tutorial and
try some basics.

Once you understand some basics, then take a look at
SQLCipher - Zetetic and read through some of the linked
documents. I also suggest you try building and using sqlcipher on OSX
or Linux where it will be easiest. You may want to try sqlcipher on
Android or iOS as well.

I hope this helps.

Hello @vikrant

As @brodybits pointed out, the core source of SQLCipher is available as an open source project. SQLCipher can be built to target a number of different platforms and operates well in various environments. SQLCipher can be used within a WPF application; we use it within STRIP for Windows; it also runs on Windows Phone. That said, the prebuilt binaries for the Windows platforms are part of our commercial offering, available for purchase. Alternatively you can build and integrate everything from source.

thank you very much @brodybits and @developernotes

I would like to clear up something:

But you will not get support from the sqlcipher project since they do not offer the Windows version for free. Please do not ask again.

Just because we do not offer the Windows binaries for free does not mean that someone can’t ask questions here about building and using SQLCipher on Windows. We answer questions here in public and for users without support contracts as best we can and as we have the time. We’re not going to provide our build scripts, but if you hit an error creating your own, go ahead and ask (after doing a little investigation, of course).