SQLCipher and iOS 12


Hello! Another year, another issue!

When I try to build a project with SQLCipher:

The i386 architecture is deprecated. You should update your ARCHS build setting to remove the i386 architecture. (in target 'amalgamation')

Xcode 10 beta 1 - iOS 12


Hello @tcoyle - thanks for getting in touch. Just to confirm, that is a warning correct? We’ll look to adjust in the next SQLCipher release.


No it is an actual error preventing the build


@sjlombardo In fact, I’m trying to get put together a sample project to demonstrate, and oddly enough, having the same issue again as last year with Implicit declaration of function ‘sqlite3_key’ is invalid in C99 after following the setup tutorial on your website

Unrelated: I see many mentions of people using cocoapods for SQLCipher. Is there a tutorial for setup that way or is that only for non-community edition use?


Hello @tcoyle confirmed - this was a warning in the previous version, but looks like it’s been upgraded to an error. If I recall, you are using sqlcipher.xcodeproj? If so, please go into project build settings and remove any references to i386 archs.

You can certainly use cocoapods. There isn’t a specific tutorial for that, but you are free to use it under the community edition.


@sjlombardo that worked. Thanks!

Is the setup steps any different when using cocoapods? As far as manually adding header search path, linking sqlite etc?


Hello @tcoyle - in theory, CocoaPods will take care of all the headers, linking, etc for you. However, it’s not perfect. For example, here are a few related posts: