Sqlcipher cordova issue

I’m working in Cordova based android application. I have created encrypted database. when I trying to get the data from encrypted database using select statement am getting like this . .

Please provide an idea to get the data in the image i have rounded.

Hello @anbumscit

Are you using a licensed copy of SQLCipher for Cordova, or an open source solution?


I have created sqlcipher encrypted database, but when i triying to get back the data from database using select statement its not not returning data, please provide any idea to proceed further, am developing sql cipher for cordova android project


Am using licensed copy of SQLCipher.

Hi Nick Parker,

This is the purchase id “ZET170516-****-53105” of our SQL CIPHER, Still am facing the same problem what i have shared the last post. so Please provide solution to proceed further.

Hello @anbumscit

Would you please contact directly at support@zetetic.net with the full purchase id and an further details of the problem you are experiencing, we would be happy to help. Thanks!