SQLCipher for JDBC - [26] [SQLITE_NOTADB]

My SQLite DB file is encrypted and want to access it using DataGrip. I downloaded ‘SQLCipher for JDBC’ and trying to use the drivers with DataGrip for SQLite database. It’s throwing error when i try to access the DB.
Here’s the output i see:

[2020-04-01 12:06:29] Connected
sql> PRAGMA cipher_license = ‘xxxxxxx’
[2020-04-01 12:06:29] 1 row retrieved starting from 1 in 36 ms (execution: 17 ms, fetching: 19 ms)
sql> PRAGMA cipher_version;
[2020-04-01 12:07:00] 1 row retrieved starting from 1 in 14 ms (execution: 6 ms, fetching: 8 ms)
sql> PRAGMA key=‘xxxxxxx’;
[2020-04-01 12:07:28] 1 row retrieved starting from 1 in 15 ms (execution: 6 ms, fetching: 9 ms)
sql> SELECT count(*) FROM sqlite_master
[2020-04-01 12:07:53] [26] [SQLITE_NOTADB] File opened that is not a database file (file is not a database)

Hello @asraro - Can you tell us a bit about how the database file you are opening was encrypted? Can you confirm it was encrypted with SQLCipher (and not an alternate implementation), and what version of SQLCipher was used to encrypt it?