SQLCipher iOS : issue in old DB migration


Hi ,
When I launch my new app with SQLCipher encryption on the old App store build , It get crashed . As we are already using a wrapper i.e. coredata on sqlite , and then SQLCipher in new app . Is it creating any problem ?
Secondly if I try for custom migration , I need to write function for the new or changed attribute in an entity ,but here the whole DB is encrypted , so what should be the procedure . Thanks in advance .


Hello @Priyanka

Could you please provide a sample that shows where SQLCipher is crashing. Additional information is helpful in diagnosing a problem like this. Depending on the type of migration you need to perform, you can use either PRAGMA sqlcipher_export(…);, or PRAGMA cipher_migrate; depending what you are trying to accomplish. Can you tell us a bit more information about your specific scenario? Thanks!