Sqlcipher is supported in golang

As of now i am using sqlcipher in CPP program.
I wanted to use encrypted db in golang.

I found one link on web. GitHub - mutecomm/go-sqlcipher: Self-contained Go sqlite3 driver with an AES-256 encrypted sqlite3 database

Hello @ranjankumar23 - we don’t have an official Go driver for SQLCipher at this time. The project you pointed out does appear to include SQLCipher, but it seems to have some issues in that it is a fork of the official go-sqlite3 project, it is based on a very outdated version of SQLCipher, it uses a non-standard cryptographic provider, and the project doesn’t appear to be under active development. It doesn’t seem like a great fit.

Another alternative might be to build the more popular go-sqlite3 directly, substituting in SQLCipher for SQLite. We wouldn’t directly support this, but it would probably be possible.

Alternately, if you are interested in a commercially supported option, please feel free to contact our team privately. While we don’t have a wrapper immediately available, we do work with organizations to create customized builds, extensions, and drivers for SQLCipher under the SQLCipher Enterprise Program.