SQLCipher Memory management mechanisms

I’m using sqlcipher in an android application. As it is native in android platform, memory management and some security problems related to it should be considered. For the example, Java protects applications from buffer overflow attacks but when using native codes there is no guarantee for that and the native c/c++ codes are responsible for memory management, garbage collection and other related issues. Does sqlcipher consider these issues in its implementation?

Any help is appreciated

Yes, SQLCipher handles all memory management for the native portions of the library internally.

Hello @tahere

Thank you for your interest in SQLCipher. SQLCipher manages resources such as memory allocation through out the library. We maintain a test suite specific to the Android library which not only contains behavior tests, but a performance test which showcases different cursor window allocation strategies, a mechanism used for paging through queried data.

We also make the full source of the SQLCipher for Android library available for review here and the underlying SQLCipher core library as well.

Great! Thank you so much…