SQLCipher Upgrade


We are currently using android-database-sqlcipher:3.3.1-2 in our product. Our server creates SQLCipher database (based on SQLCipher 1.0) and we use PRAGMA cipher_migrate; to migrate the database which is from 1.0. We are planning to support our app with Android N. We are planning to keep the Android TargetSDK as 23. I know that for supporting N, we need to upgrade SQLCipher to 3.5.4. Can we upgrade SQLCipher with Android Target SDK as 23. If so, what all will change to migrate the Server created database in1.0 to 3.5.4. Please help.


Hello @sjanardhanan

You should be able to transition from 3.3.1-2 over to 3.5.4 without any additional changes; you will want to continue to use the PRAGMA cipher_migrate; command if you are generating SQLCipher 1.x databases.


We are releasing soon and it will be unable for us to upgrade libraries. Will 3.3.1-2 library work Android N or Is it mandatory to upgrade libraries for it to work with Android N?

I am just clarifying that we have 23 as target SDK and 19 as minimum SDK.


Hi @sjanardhanan

No, 3.3.1-2 will not work with Android N, you will need to upgrade your library if you wish to run on Android N.