SQLCipher with scala on android


I have used SQLCipher with java and everyting rqn just like a charm but now im shifting the code base to scala, Im facing some issues.
I have updated the proguard so I can do SQLiteDatabase.loadLibs(contex) without issues but somehow the application can not create the tables. My code is somewhat similar like , except with inclusion of zetetic but now all I get when try to insert or read something from the database I get E/SQLiteLog: (26) file is encrypted or is not a database
E/DefaultDatabaseErrorHandler: Corruption reported by sqlite on database: /data/data/...

How to fix this if anyone has a clue… :worried:


Hi @rutaihwa

While I am not familiar with the Mvessel library, it appears to be a JDBC library targeting the Android environment specifically for Scala. You would need to change Mvessel to use a compiled form of SQLCipher that also targets Android, similar to the native libraries bundled within SQLCipher for Android.


Mhhh to be honest, I have no idea yet how to this [quote=“developernotes, post:2, topic:1266”] Mvessel to use a compiled form of SQLCipher [/quote]
But I will try to work on it. Worst case I will have to switch back to Java until I manage to make scala play nice with the rest of the code.
Thanks @developernotes