What is "Vacuum Database" Mean?

Under Database Info on your IOS app for Codebook v5, at the very bottom is “Vacuum Database”? I tried to search for this but was unsuccessful in any help areas I tried. So was posting here what exactly that is?

Hi @jkender,

Perhaps we should add a topic to the help pages about this.

Basically, over time, the database file that Codebook reads and writes can become fragmented, and the unused storage space that results can be reclaimed. VACUUM is a database operation to do just that.

If you have a very, very large database, over time you might find that some of the storage space used by the file can be reduced by running the Vacuum Database feature.

Given the size of typical databases for Codebook, it is unlikely you will find yourself wanting to do this, or that much space will be reclaimed to be significant enough to effect the overall storage available on your device.

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