Adding SQLCipher to the native C++ part of an Android app

Hello everyone,

I’m really stuck.
We have an app that is developed both in IOS and Android. Shared code is written in C++.
Android uses JNI (NDK) to call native functions and IOS calls the same functions when needed.
We want to add SQLCipher as the DB layer and that it would work in the C++ module, so both platforms could use the same code etc…

We were able to built a sqlite3.c and sqlite3.h files that we can use in our IOS project, but for the life of me, in Android, we cannot work out how to do that and how to make it all available within the C++ module.
We use CMakeLists.txt to compile and link the various files. No matter what we tried, we kept getting undefined references. We were able to use the sqlite3.h file to expose the different functions. But it seems the actual implementation is missing.

Can anyone please help or point in the right direction??

Thank you,