Androd SQLCipher



I am using SQLCipher in Android. My Q is?
1>Is any limitation in password length?
2>Is any special charter in password not supported by SQLCipher?


Hi @coolwd10

The password you provide SQLCipher is transformed into a key via PBKDF2 which is used to encrypt and decrypt the data; it currently uses an iteration length of 64,000. The size of the computed key is defined by the cipher used, by default SQLCipher uses AES 256 in CBC mode, that is a 256 bit key. There should be no character limitation on the source password as PBKDF2 operates on the bytes of password.


But prob i am facing… I am using password

it encrypted db file properly.But when I open the db file passing password it not opening…

Same thing if I remvoed @ ,dot, and // then everything working f9.


Hi @coolwd10

We just tried that scenario locally here with both the SQLCipher command line shell and SQLCipher for Android, both were able to open the database we created using the password example you provided. It appears you are concatenating data to create the password, if so, is it possible that some of your data, or your creation format has changed since the database was originally keyed?


Thanks for help…I will chk my code