Large file support for SQLCipher (android)?


We’re using SQLCipher for an android app and so far we’re very happy with it.

But I recently found a link to a discussion about file size limitations in SQLCipher:!topic/sqlcipher/DoJzRVBUisQ

It seems that the file size limit for SQLCipher (android) is 2gb. (at least it was 2012)

Because some of our users now came close to 1,5 gb db files i wondered if the limit is still active or if it was fixed at some point.

If the file size limit wasn’t fixed already and it is not planned to get fixed:
During the discussion the op was asked to compile his own version with large file support.
You gave him advices and there even was a patch file attached at some point. But since the discussion is already 2,5 years old I don’t know how much of that is still usefull for SQLCipher 3.3.
At the very least it seems you succeeded in creating a version with large file support but didn’t publish it because of some incompatibilities.

So if we’re supposed to compile our own version it would be very nice if you could provide us with the necessary changes. :smile:

I already set up a virtual linux pc and was able to compile sqlcipher as it is now following the guideline provided at
But I’m at a loss when it comes to finding and fixing the required parts for large file support.



I’m also very keen to find out about this. If anyone with knowledge on this could shed some light it would be greatly appreciated.



Hello @troemer, @Rob

There has not been any additional work toward supporting larger files within the Android ecosystem for SQLCipher. If your organization has specific interest, we do offer custom SQLCipher builds and support available, please feel free to reach out at if you would like to discuss it further. Thanks!