Android backup and icudt461.dat

re: Android SQLCipher

I want to provide a backup of the data within my application by saving the /files/records.db file externally.

I just want to confirm that I don’t also need to backup the /files/icu/icudt461.dat file along with the database file?

It looks like it should be kept with the application not with the data - i.e. if I upgrade SQLCipher and restore an old records.db file the icudt file should come from the new application instance, not the old one from the data backup.

I believe this is correct, I just want to be 100% sure I’m not going to run into issues in the future :slightly_smiling:


Hello @drcrypto

While the ICU dat file is used within SQLCipher for Android, it is not needed for backup purposes, you should be fine just creating a duplicate of the database file itself.